Our relationship with the maritime industry started in 2009 when we were involved in an ultimately successful tendering process initiated by Germany’s Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation.

The Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation is a federal higher authority in Hamburg and subordinated to Germany’s Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Similar to the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, the Federal Bureau investigates marine casualties that fall within its area of responsibility. Part of an investigation is the production of a detailed report. These investigation reports are quite broad in nature and cover a wide range of areas, including equipment, insurance issues, national and EU legislation, as well as international regulations such as the COLREGs and SOLAS.

We have translated all the investigation reports of the Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation since 2009.

Additional Info

We translate from and into all the official languages of the European Union. All our translators are formally qualified and/or have years of experience in their particular field.